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Episode 13: Religion and Spirituality

So what happens when two people who are neither religious nor spiritual go looking for Religion and Spirituality podcasts? The answer is something like: compassion, learning, and unwavering skepticism. However, we also managed to find some fantastic podcasts for the secular types like us who may be seeking some understanding. Here are our picks:

Kari's Pick:

Born Again Again: Katie and Joe Bauer grew up in the Church - some hard core Born Again Christians. In their early twenties, Katie had a dangerous little thought: what if she could feel bliss without God. From there, the ball rolled and kept on rolling until they left the Church. This podcast features both Katie and her husband, Joe, tackling the many subjects that arise when one loses their identity and takes on the challenge of discovering a new one. Every episode is disarmingly vulnerable, both of these people willing to discuss their pain, confusion, and anger regarding the church. It's not a religion bashing podcast. As I discuss in this episode, Born Again Again inspired deep compassion and understanding within me for those who follow a faith. It is their candor and their reflection that has helped me understand how and why people find security in God or in religion and religious communities, and how painful it can be to leave.

Josh's Picks:

Heart and Soul - BBC Podcast: Oh my.....goodness?... did Josh find a good one. Sure, BBC has lots of tools in their toolbox and it's a lot easier for them to make great podcasts. But, as we know, having the money and the tools doesn't always mean something good will be produced. They truly got this one right. A panoramic, world view of religions, nothing less than we'd expect from the BBC. There are some incredible debates featured in select episodes (i.e. abortion debate between two women of faith). It was eye opening for a secular gal like myself, but better than that - it was well balanced. It's good journalism, really. You don't have to sift through the story to find the facts. Both sides of the story are given and you have to think for yourself. You will learn, unless you already know about things like: The Church of Cowboys, or Thailand's rebel female monks. This one is a keeper for me.

God Forbid - ABC RN:

This is another gem. It's more "think" and less "feel" compared to Heart and Soul. There are some fantastic topics covered here: Dementia and Faith (i.e. forgetting God and should we remind them?), Deciphering between cults and religions (and how all religions start as cults, basically), Food and Diets through the lens of religion. It's not as emotionally provocative, and considering the subject matter, that works quite well. It's out of Australia, so you can also work on your Australian accent.

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