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Episode 14: Supernatural & Horror

This genre was a delight for two horror fans.So many fictional podcasts out there are just killing eh? Josh and I found four picks, a little something for everybody - so if you're the squeamish type, we got you. If you like 'em a little bloody, we got that too.

Josh's Picks:

Nocturnal Transmissions: Yes, yes - we know how it sounds. In fact, at one point in the podcast I accidentally refer to it as Nocturnal Emissions. It may very well make you squeal, but it won't likely elicit the other thing. Okay, this podcast is episodic, which I love. Nothing like a fictional podcast that you can tune into here and there without feeling lost or having to review what happened on the last episode. This podcast is brought to us by voice actor, Kristin Holland. Go ahead and think Tale from the Crypt, or Vincent Price. This podcast has a throw back spooky vibe. Episodes run about one hour. Go one, Gentle Listeners. Subscribe!

Palimpsest: This is one of two bingeable podcasts we have for you in this genre. Palimpsest has two seasons available and a third is in production. Episodes run between 20 and 30 minutes. Now this is some Gothic, creepy shit. The general premise of this podcast: all stories of the past are ghost stories. A single voiced drama, each season delves into the very real things that haunt us.

Kari's Picks:

Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery Did something say "ghosts"? Because we got ghosts. Now the ghosts in Unwell are no spotlight hogs, so the first season is all about character development and stage setting - and it's great. There are plenty of mysterious moments that tell us something supernatural is here, but they seem to be saving that up for season two which is confirmed and coming. These characters are spectacular. I especially love Abbie, our gender neutral, lifetime academic studying our town of Mt. Absalom, Ohio while living in the boarding house owned by our main character's estranged mother. This show is not afraid to be funny and witty, giving us sharp shooting characters who poke at each other in ways that push the story forward. Each episode runs 30 minutes or less.

A World Where: Think Black Mirror as a podcast. Episodic, science fiction meets horror, and utterly immersive. These stories come from the minds of writers Ani Rider and HK Goldstein. The production value is stellar and the stories are grade A creepy and horrifying. I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

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