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Episode 7: Fiction/Audio Dramas

So we are all in desperate need of escapism, maybe now more than ever. We cannot watch or listen to news all day. I'm pretty sure that now causes some kind of cancer (cancer of the heart? The soul?)

People are still making super cool art, and the podcast homage to retro radio shows the audio drama. Neither Josh nor I had listened to any before we did our research for this episode. We were beyond pleasantly pleased.

Kari's Pick

We Fix Space Junk, by Beth Crane. Have you been looking for a female, cyborg Han Solo? Well, I got one for you. Our lead character, Kilner, works for the galaxy dominant Automnicon, now up to her ears in debt for simply wanting to leave her dead end planet and get an education. Now she's a repair woman traveling on her outdated spaceship, fixing mechanical issues from one planet to the next. Oh, and smuggling people for side cash.

If you loved Star Wars, Star Trek, or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - you'll love, We Fix Space Junk.

Two full seasons are available. Episodes range from 10 to 25 minutes.

Josh's Picks

Girl In Space: We meet our lead character, created and played by Sarah Rhea Werner, is our girl in space. When we meet her, she's floating in space on a dying ship with no company besides her A.I. and her old journal recordings. By the end of episode one, she's sees a mysterious blip in space. She is not alone.

Girl in Space has a subtle, poetic quality. Our protagonist is a strong female lead, smart and not one who surrenders to self pity. She's analytical, curious, no matter how glum her future may seem.

The first season is available but it is not complete. Ms. Werner is working hard to finish the final episode(s) so follow her progress on her website.

Video Palace: A Shudder original podcast, Video Palace is written and created by Nick Braccia and Michael Monello. One full season is available.

Do you like popcorn movies? Like - films that move fast, have all kinds of hooks and cliffhangers, and you just shove food in your face mindlessly because you're so invested in your entertainment. If the answer is "Yes", you will love Video Palace.

This podcast is a mystery horror story. To give you a picture here, think: The Ring or VHS. Our lead character finds an infamous, fabled VHS tape rumored to "affect" anyone who watches it. This leads both him and his girlfriend on a documentary style chase for answers.

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