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Episode 9: Interview Podcasts

This description can fit A LOT of podcasts, we get that. We've already covered quite a few podcasts which rely on and revolve around interviews. But most podcast listeners associate this style with celebrities or well known experts in a particular field. Josh and I ventured out of that better known model and sought podcasts exploring lesser known people who have a lot to say.

Kari's Pick:

Trauma Queen - Hosted by Jimanekia Eborn, Trauma Queen is about sex. There's more.....the show advertises itself as a place to normalize talking about sexual assault and healing. Now it is these things, but it's much more. Trauma Queen interviews sex therapists, artists, survivors, and educators about the subject of sex and the many conversations that fall under it (no pun intended). She normalizes talking about alternative lifestyles (polyamory, for example) and sometimes "trauma" is defined as living by societal rules that are shaming and restrictive to one's authentic self. I, personally, most enjoyed hearing from sex therapists and found their mindful and thoughtful approach to the topic both comforting and fascinating.

I think Trauma Queen might be a real life savor for someone living is a small town or a less accessible community who needs to know there are others like them out there. However, for a boring ol' gal like me, TQ is a wonderful way to learn about lifestyles I don't experience personally. It's a way to expand my social knowledge and understanding.

Trauma Queen is released as mini series and there are four seasons.

Josh's Picks:

The Sporkful - You might know host Dan Pashman from The Cooking Channel's web series, You're Eating It Wrong, or as the author of Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious. He's a New Jersey native turned New York City local and The Sporkful is an WNYC production.

This show was a surprise to me. I would NEVER explore a food show. I mean, with my food allergies, I'm afraid to even listen to food podcasts. But The Sporkful is so much more. Food is emotional and personal. Memories of food get lodged in that brain space with smells. With his guests he explores culture, tradition, strong opinions, and a breadth of experiences all through the lens of food. The ambiance is light, humorous, friendly, but the content is rich and fearless. You'll hear from some people you know, comedians or other celebrities you'll recognize. If you follow food like pop culture, you may be familiar with some of the chefs and restaurateurs interviewed. But here's the last thing: if you just love food, like really and truly love food from a place in your heart and not just your taste buds, you'll love this show.

What Was That Like: Real People In Unreal Situations - Hosted by Scott Johnson, co-host of The Computer Tutor, this show is straight outta that time you met that one crazy ol' dude at a bar. Scott collects story submissions from all over the country, non fiction only. Stories must be verifiable with 911 calls or news publications or corroborating witnesses. None of his guests are famous, none of them became famous, and all of them are folks who could be your neighbors. It just so happens that they have an absolutely crazy story to tell. From spouses who were nearly killed by hitmen hired by their beloveds, to a man who once employed a chef to prepare, cook and serve his severed foot, these stories are damn near unbelievable. It reaffirms that we don't know shit about the person sitting next to us on public transportation or the movie theater - you get the picture. Josh describes the show as "riveting".

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