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Music, Ep. 4

Ok, BOTH of these recommendations are absolute gold. For music lovers, history buffs, psychology or social change fanatics: both of these podcasts are packed with meticulous research, intimate details about the people who created the music and the people whose lives were changed by it. They're thrilling, heart breaking, fascinating and beautifully produced. We HIGHLY recommend both of these.

Josh's Pick:

Cocaine and Rhinestones. Holy Big Hair, is this podcast addictive. Created and narrated by Tyler Mahan Coe, a country musician and son of a country musician, this is a podcast about 20th Century Country music. This....I'm guessing thirty something...grew up hearing story after story about the biggest names in country. So, he decided to reach every biography, every autobiography, every article, every interview, and create a thoroughly researched podcast about the folks who made country music - country music. This is a scripted podcast, so Tyler is telling you stories. I clean my apartment to this and it made me miss spots or clean the same spot for 20 minutes. If you're not used to a scripted podcast, it will take a few minutes to adjust. But you will adjust because the stories are that good. Lots of music clips provided seamlessly, you feel like you're traveling back in time. This podcast has since BLOWN UP: Facebook group, writes up in magazines. All deserved. Season 2 has been confirmed but a release date has not been announced. You got time, so start listening.

Kari's Pick:

BBC's Soul Music. Okay, so you will need the following when listening to BBC's Soul Music: tissue for your face, your computer (you're gonna Google stuff, I swear), a soft place for your bum so you don't bruise or ache while drifting into a bottomless well of wonder. This podcast is stunning. There's really no better word for it. It's whimsical while relatable, it's awe inspiring while gut wrenching. It perfectly demonstrates how music affects us and guides us at vulnerable moments in our lives. Each episode is titled as the song or composition featured in that episode. They talk to people all over the world, and there in no narrator. Each episode is a gentle stream of connected individuals. Oh, an each episode is about 30 minutes. Bite sized joy, I tell you.

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