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Pop Culture, Ep 3. May 29th, 2019

Pop Culture should be (and, actually, IS) for everyone. But it takes some digging for a lot of us. Kari would never have considered herself a Pop Culture fan. Josh, on the other hand, is quite the Pop Culture aficionado. The end result of this episode: there is something for everyone.

Kari's Picks:

Science(ish). Hosted by Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks, this podcast examines the plausibility of various science fiction film and television plots. They interview leading scientists from around the world and scoop up the most extraordinary information. High quality production, fascinating information, this podcast is addictive. Every episode title is the film or TV show title, so easy to navigate. Find your favorites and cancel all your plans.

She's All Fat. Fat culture is here to stay and it's time that we see it in Pop Culture. Hosts April and Sophia are both writers in Los Angeles, CA,

and both bring relatable and thoughtful insights to this show. Season 4 takes a turn for the even more interesting as Sophia interviews activists in disability rights to discuss intersectionality in episode 4, and Dumplin's Julie Murphy in episode 2. Produced by the women of Call Your Girlfriend, this podcast is independent and features folks with whom we can all connect.

Josh's Picks:

This Movie Changed Me. Dear Lord, do we love this podcast. Intimate, beautifully produced, hosted by Lily Percy. Each episode is a conversation between Lily Percy and her guest on the subject of the movie that changed them. Not their favorite movie! But the movie that changed them. This podcast is so very special because it brings such vulnerability to the surface through the lens of film, representation, and our connection to art. Episodes are titled as the movie title. We recommend listening to every single one.

The Dan and Kody Podcast. A two man audioblog, this podcast features a couple of thirty something guys talking about life as a couple of thirty something guys. Complementary personalities, each one brings his own version of funny. From camping and stress eating to Funk-o-Pops and organ harvesting, Dan and Kody are a couple of married dudes who love their wives and each other.

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