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Science and Medicine

Funnily, this post is late because I was violently ill and in need of science and medicine.

O.K. So, I knew we were going to slog through some seriously boring shit. While the good news is that there is a podcast out there for every type of medical professional, most of them are unappealing for the average Joe/Jo. I found a few that I really enjoyed but that I wouldn't particularly recommend due to poor quality, content lags, etc. But, as our American parents told us, if we just work really hard - we'll get where we're trying to go. While I have found that to be bullshit most of the time, it worked here! We got picks and you're bound to love one of them.

Josh's Picks:

The Show About Science: What the world needs right now is a 9 year old explaining science and technology (because he uses terms that we can understand, for shit's sake). So, yes, here our host is 9 year old Nate and he interviews scientists, technologists, engineers, and other smarties from all over the country. This show is adorable but the kid is no joke. He stays on topic, he asks interesting questions, and whether he's insanely mature or the editing is simply spot on, the show works. It would be an amazing podcast to listen to with your kids, especially if they are maybe 8 to 12 years old and showing some interest in science. But it's okay to listen if you don't have little children. No, really, it is. Just ask Josh.

Oxford Sparks Big Questions: So maybe you want to learn new things but you're just incredibly busy or all those articles and documentaries are just too long. Maybe you read little fact-os on calendars or Snapple bottles and you feel your brain is getting that sip of water it desperately needs. Well, this show is for you. It's a weekly podcast, each episode is about 20 minutes or less and focuses on one interesting topic. A super smart Oxford person will explain it to you. So some examples are: black holes, antibodies, vaping, pheromones, and so on. It's well done, easy to listen to, and just the right amount of information to make YOU more interesting at parties.

Kari's Picks:

The Nocturnists: So this podcast may produce feelings inside of you. Those feelings can leak from your face. Please proceed with caution. The podcast is both an addition to and an extension of the live show which still plays in San Francisco. If you've ever listened to The Moth, The Nocturnists is basically the same thing but featuring medical professionals. Dr. Emily Silverman created the live show as a means of healing her own burnout. The outcome is a production that allows medical professionals an open space where they can be human. The stories told expose the painful, disenchanting, and often humorous world behind the curtain and under the white coat. However you may feel about medicine in this country, this show pierces a universal cord in anyone working to do good in the world and always feeling like they fall short.

The Biology of Superheroes: If you loved Science(ish) - and so many of our listeners do, you just may love The Biology of Superheroes. The shows are essentially the same in objective and format, but Biology of Superheroes features younger hosts, both non British and non White. And, honestly, that does bring a unique freshness to the show.

Our host is evolutionary biologist and comic book nerd Shane Campbell Staton. Dr. Staton got into comic books while working on his Ph.D. at Harvard. He needed something light to help him relax, so wandered into a comic book store searching for creative fiction. He stumbled onto a new passion. Professionally, his primary area of focus is the study of animals and the impact climate change on various species. His co host, Arien Darby, though not a scientist, brings sharp wit and insightful commentary. They have great chemistry and always interesting guests who help them comb through the plausibility of the seemingly implausible.

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