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Technology, Episode 5

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

So neither of us listened to tech podcasts before we made this episode. And - neither of us were very hopeful that we'd find podcasts we love. Both of us were usual. We ended up with a full show (four podcasts) and each one is so worth a listen. Like it or not, technology is moving fast and if you don't look to see what's coming, it might roll right over you.

Kari's Picks:

African Tech Roundup. This podcast tracks the progress of Africa’s emerging digital, tech and innovation industries - and You should listen to it Wherever you are. Why? First, the host: Andile Masuku. This guy is so delightful, he has me listening to a tech podcast when I clean my kitchen. I mean - how the hell did that happen? The podcast consists of interviews, some in studio and others on the field. They are often one on one, but occasionally there are panel discussions. What is so unique about this podcast is how Andile asks the questions that represent the little guy. He doesn't just geek out over the tech. He asks the hard questions so many of us (we lay people) are thinking when learn about innovation. Primarily, who is going to benefit? Always direct without ever being combative, Andile challenges his guests and inquires sincerely about their motivations. How will technology benefit Africa? Is Africa ripe for a tech boom? This podcast is engaging, smart, charming and humbling.

Science Friction. Brought to you by The Australian Broadcasting Company, this podcast keeps technology spicy! Host, Natasha Mitchell, reveals some controversial stories starring today's latest tech. From CRISPR to genetic testing, you'll learn about scandals and hear interviews with people involved or affected. This podcast won't take you through the particulars of the technology itself. Instead, it will focus on the stories around the technology (the people, the scientists). Available on ABC's website as well as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Josh's Picks:

Should This Exist. Now this podcast will take you through the nitty gritties of the technology explored in each episode. Then it will take you down the winding road of "should this exist". Host, Caterina Fake, brings on a wide range of guests. You'll meet the scientists working on the technology in question. You'll also meet other scientists as well as other professionals who question the technology's efficacy and morality. Lab Meat, Drones, Virtual Therapists, listen to a show that explores the pros and the cons of what is to come.

Darknet Diaries. Now here's a show about cybercrimes. The show's host, Jack Rhysider, worked in cyber security for years. So, you're hearing these stories from an expert. Well produced and highly engaging, the show is getting great reviews and fanfare. You're faith in humanity might be challenged by this show. Or, maybe you'll be blown away by all the crazy shit we humans can do. Either way, this guy covers "news" that you aren't getting anywhere else.

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