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True Crime, Ep. 2: May 15th, 2019

So this one's for the ladies.....I guess. Turns out that the True Crime genre is so popular among women, studies have been conducted on the phenomenon. While statistically most podcast listeners are men, over three quarters of True Crime listeners are women. If this interests you, you can read more here:

Onward to our Picks!

Josh's Pick:

The Teacher's Pet. A huge smash is Australia, this podcast investigates the disappearance of Lynette Dawson, wife of rugby star, Chris Dawson. Hosted by journalist (and according to Kari, feminist) Hedley Thomas, this podcast reviews the facts dating back to 1982, the year of Lyn's disappearance. He interviews the women who knew Lyn, giving many of them the voice they were denied over thirty years ago. Sex scandals, possible murder, patriarchy galore, this podcast literally reopened Lyn Dawson's case. (Trigger warning for this podcast: domestic violence, rape, sex with teenagers).

Kari's Pick:

Uncertain Terms. In 2014 a law was passed in state of Florida which determined children previously sentence to life in prison are permitted a second chance and opportunity for reduced sentence. The state received appeals and chose cases for review. In this podcast, hosts Melissa E. Holsman and Dacia Johnson cover the first group of convicted murders permitted re-sentencing trials. Each episode reviews the crime, interviews family members from both the perpetrator and victim's side, and ends with a conclusion: is this convicted murderer granted a reduced sentence.

iTunes reviews are riddled with complaints about sound and Melissa Holsman's broadcast perfect voice. But we urge you to ignore such blabbering. These two women created this podcast on their own. The initial trials were as old as the 1980s making sound quality a challenge. At no point do you feel the opinions of these women. They give you all the facts and you get to sit with your feelings and your thoughts. It is thought provoking, complicated, and well worth your time. This podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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